"Gene of Life" by Tetsuo Takashima


<Synopsis >

A large rally of neo-Nazis was held in Berlin, Germany . A bombing terrorism aimed at the organizers will be launched at the venue . The crime was by the Nazi hunters.

Around that time, Toru Akitsu had been teaching as a visiting professor for a year at the Technical University of Berlin . He is a professor of genetic research at the California Institute of Technology , a charismatic scientist in the genetics field , and a strong candidate for the next Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Pharmacy .

One day of early summer, Toru will be kidnapped by Nazi hunters Feldman et al . Feldman asked Toru to test the DNA of a corpse's wrist . The fingerprint is that of Carius Gehlen, even though the wrists look like those of a male in the forties . If it is a Geeren's fingerprint , its age must be over 100 years old. However, at the rally of neo- Nazis, there was the appearance of Geeren as young .

Toru, along with his assistant Katcha , performs DNA testing of his wrist and Geeren's hair, which was taken sixty years ago . However, the next day, the laboratory is blasted and someone loses the wrist and DNA testing data . However, Katya was backing up the data. What I found was that the man who looked young was a real Gehlen .


Feldman looks for a woman named Dona who was standing next to Gehlen and abducts her who was seriously injured in the blast . Dona is Gehren's wife and says, "One day, dozens of men came to my village in Brazil." Her appearance is in her thirties, but that story has been around for hundreds of years.

That night, neo-Nazis attacked to recover Dona. Toe Lumpur and Katja has run away with her Donna, but the wounds are deep and finally Donna is death. Dona leaves the words "Domba" and "Asuka" at the time of death. Toru explores the secrets of the gene, Toru will head to Brazil with Feldman's assistant Jimmy.


Toru discover the village of Donba deep in the Amazon . In spite of the village completely isolated from the civilization, the Nazi laboratory has been left.

Toru examines the villagers' genes. We were able to treat the acute appendicitis of the village head daughter Tania with surgery and gain the trust of the village . However , the villagers are annihilated by the Napalm bombardment of somebody when Toru and others are exploring the dense forest .


Toru return to the United States. In the hands of such Toru, there is an appendix that has issued hysterectomy from Tania. Toru is convinced that Tania is "Asuka" .

Toru sees his brother Akira while examining Asuka's cells. Akira is aging earlier than usual because of chromosomal abnormalities, and is said to have a life expectancy of one year . Toru also has the same gene, leaving only five years .

Seeing Asuka's unusual regenerative ability, I speculate that it was transplanting bone marrow solution of Domba villagers . But again, Toru's laboratory is blown up and all data is lost.


Feldman investigates at the Astec Institute in San Diego that Tania (Asuka) is alive and abducted . The secret sponsor of the Astec Institute was the Vatican .

Feldman, Toru, and Kacha leak from the Vatican clergyman Yunoff and invade the secret facilities under Castel Sant'Angelo. Yunov was also the one who got the gene of life, and the Vatican was hiding the remnant in return for being provided with the Nazi robbery artwork. And the Vatican was selling its works of art and getting huge wealth. Yunov confesses everything and commits suicide.


When Toru returns to the United States, the cells and bone marrow fluid of Yunoff collected by Feldman are sent. Katja confesses that he was a spy of Cosmo Pharmaceuticals and performs genetic analysis using his research facility. However, its ability to grow was lost from its DNA. Asuka's original seems to have that power.

Toru and Katha return to the United States and aim for the Astec Institute. Obtain a design by network crack, and infiltrate the laboratory into the laboratory. It was a flock of artificial uterus that was created by raising Dona and Asuka clones.

Toru and Katha are captured and face live Erskine.

It was Feldman who taught the invasion of the two. He also said that he could not win the charm of the timelessness. However, Feldman shoots and kills Erskine at the last moment. Feldman's obsession has surpassed her elegance.

Toru rescues Aska trapped in Erskine and escapes from the laboratory. Toe Lumpur is the spinal fluid were transplanted into older brother with the consent of the Asuka, brother began to improve medical conditions. Toru may be able to win his destiny. With that premonition, Toru is looking at Katya and the open sea.



Toru Akitsu (35) 

Third generation of Japanese American. A professor at the California 

Institute of Technology, Gene Research Institute. He has two 

doctorates(doctoral degree) in medicine and science. A Nobel chemistry and 

medicine prizes candidate. 


Akira Akitsu (42) 

The elder brother of Toru. He has a hereditary incurable disease and is in 

the hospital. 


Catalina Rosenberg (28) 

Commonly known by Carcha. A German. Graduated from Stanford University. 

She works as an assistant of Toru. In reality, she is a spy from a medicine 

manufacture company to explore the contents of research of Toru. 


Joseph Ferdoman (73) 

A Jewish. A member of the organization, which investigates the Nazis war 

criminal of Israel. He was put in Auschwitz, and lost his parents, younger 

brother, and younger sister there. 


Reinhardt Benchell (117) 

A Nazis's general. He has schemed for the revival of the fourth empire. 


Wolfgang Gallen (112) 

A Colonel SS of the Nazis. He now is a general. Although he was a superior 

of Benchell, he dies in a bombing. 


Otto Erskine (108) 

A Nazis's scientist. During the war, he was Dr. Mengere's right arm and 

was called a messenger of the Death. 

He has a research institute in Dieg, and a research of a gene is 

proceeded there. 


Dona (125) 

Wife of Gallen. An Indio of Brazil. She has the gene of a life. 


Aska (15) 

A child of Gallen and Dona. She has the gene of a life.