A first-class letter--containing a single sheet of paper, on which is a diagram for making a nuclear bomb--is anonymously sent to an editor at the Daily Californian. 

A political writer at the Washington Post has a message for a "Mr. Curly" awaiting him when he gets to work. Twelve hours later, presidential advisor Frank Curly is found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in a Washington D.C. park. In his hotel room is a dead 15-year-old girl, spread eagle on the bed and naked, arms and legs tied to the bedposts. 

Two men investigating seemingly disparate mysteries on opposite coasts unknowingly share a common bond: the clues to a conspiracy that could reshape the structure of a nation and create a terrifying new world. 

Fallout's themes of political intrigue and conspiracy reflect today's political climate, a prescient observation given the successful Republican platform that empowered the Bush administration for much of its presidency.


An incredible techno-thriller which predicted the disastrous Fukushima tragedy. A thought-provoking and entertaining novel for the 21st Century, when we have to care for our environment more than ever.

On March 11th in 2011, Japan was hit by a terrible disaster. Magnitude 9.0 earthquake shook the eastern part of Japan and following tsunami devastated Tohoku (north eastern Japan) coast completely. A nuclear power plant in Fukushima experienced a serious hazard and meltdown, its leaked radiation polluted the surrounding land, sea, and air. You might still be able to remember the horrible scenes like a big river rushing backward and flooding a whole plain, white plumes rising from nuclear power plant's damaged buildings, LPG tank fire emitting black smokes over the sky of Tokyo, mass of people walking home without any transportation or electricity, etc. Yes, we're living in a vulnerable world, where a big quake could cause terrible tragedy, especially with big tsunami.

This fictionalized simulation was originally written in 2005, but predicted the horror of big quake and tsunami, especially when it hit the location of a nuclear power plant. The protagonist, Shunsuke Kuroda and the people around him had experienced 1995 Kobe earthquake and 2004 Indonesian tsunami, and chose their separate battlefields against that kind of natural disasters. But the Big One strikes beyond their imagination.

TSUNAMI by Tetsuo Takashima is a book of warning. And it could happen to you as long as you live on this earth which has been alive and kicking for the past 4.6 billion years.




In March 2011 a magnitude 9 earthquake struck off the eastern coast of northern Japan, triggering a massive tsunami and damaging a nearby nuclear reactor. Nearly twenty thousand people were killed or went missing, and many areas have yet to rebuild. Megaquake: How Japan and the World Should Respond, by the prolific and award-winning writer Tetsuo Takashima five years before this disaster, appears here for the first time in English.

This edition of Megaquake has been updated with additional information, including a new chapter coauthored by Robert D. Eldridge, translator and one of the key American officials involved in the response to the 2011 earthquake. Both Takashima and Eldridge experienced the 1995 Kobe earthquake and combined their skills and insights to produce this English-language edition to offer the lessons Japan has learned over the centuries, having endured a disproportionate share of disasters. Takashima and Eldridge hope to educate the international community about how to prepare for and respond to the next big Japanese earthquake, which is expected to far exceed the 2011 quake in terms of lives lost, destruction of infrastructure, and worldwide economic impact.

대테러 (Spica)

일본 원자력연구소 연구원을 역임한 저자가 원자력 발전소에 대한 테러를 소재로 쓴 소설. 570만 kw의 거대 원자력 발전소가 테러집단의 손에 들어갔다. 체르노빌의 몇 만 배나 되는 피해가 예상되고 이런 상황에서 일본은, 전 세계는, 무엇을 할 수 있을까? 그리고 '스피카'의 암호명에 숨겨진 놀라운 음모는 무엇인가? "미국 테러" 이후 IAEA에서도 2차 테러 대상은 원자력 발전소가 될 수 있다고 지목한 요즘의 상황에서 발빠르게 나온 이 소설은 과학의 진보와 인간의 행복이라는 명목하에 가동되는 원자력 발전소가 테러집단에 의해 점거되어 악용된다는 가능성을 시사하고 있다.


Based on the riveting novel by acclaimed writer Tetsuo Takashima (Intruder), Midnight Eagle chronicles a heart-pounding race to save a nation from annihilation. When a gifted photographer (Takao Osawa) witnesses the crash of a U.S. bomber in Japan’s snowy Northern Alps, he becomes a reluctant hero who must defy the odds to protect the plane’s lethal contents from getting into the wrong hands. Directed by Izuru Narushima (Fly, Daddy Fly), Midnight Eagle is the action-packed adventure that critics are calling “a gripping and poignant thriller” (David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle).